Pierson Enterprises’ roots date to the early 1960s, when Grannis Sr., a pilot and Funeral Director in Minnesota, along with his partners commissioned a Cessna that could carry a full-size casket. This heralded an era of flying Human Remains to their final destinations.

Pierson and his partners in 1964 formed Continental Mortuary Air Service in Miami, which they eventually sold. In 1971, Pierson Enterprises Inc. was founded. Gloria Pierson worked hand in hand with Grannis Sr. while raising five children in establishing Pierson Enterprises. All five of the children worked for the company throughout the years. Grannis Sr. had the philosophy of giving the customer 24/7 of his time. He had a great sense of humor to go with his hardworking ethics. He passed his ethics of hard work along to his children especially to his two boys who now run the day to day operations of the company.

The Pierson brothers have worked with the family business since they were young teenagers. Grannis Sr. & Gloria have passed away in recent years and are dearly missed by family and those who knew them. The business remains a family affair with Karin Pierson at the helm in the Accounting Dept. and Eric’s wife, Lisa is the one to go to when it comes to dealing with all the Consulates and Translations. Sister, Cindy Pierson-Joyner runs our Marketing Dept. & securing Airline Technology into the everyday affairs at the office. Laurie Pierson-Lane serves as an out-of-town Consultant on important decisions.

family shot (1)

Left to right:  Eric Pierson, Karin Pierson, Laurie Pierson, Cindy Pierson-Joyner, Grannis C. Pierson.